"17" satsumaimo Stout (ABV 6%)

Niyodogawa-cho is a mountainous region with limited flat land. For this reason satsumaimo (Japanese sweet potatoes) and barley were the staples instead of rice. In fact, some residents have told me rice was only for special occasions, such as new years’ day. Many in Niyodogawa-cho continue to grow heirloom varieties of Satsuma-imo. I wanted to honor this product with its important history so once again I carried out experiments and tasting sessions. The beer I came up with is a rich yet easy to drink stout styled dark ale that expresses the flavor and aroma of satsumaimo. The name “17” comes from the population density (in people per square km) of Niyodogawa-cho. Compared to Tokyo with a population density of over 6000, this name will remind visitors of the mountainous terrain and vast nature of our town. Please think of this as you enjoy this beer.

17 さつまいもスタウト 6% ABV