“2410” Belgian White Ale (ABV 5%)

After green tea and sweet potatoes, I wanted to focus on less common but still precious products of Niyodogawa-cho. I also wanted to balance out my selection of flagship beers with a beer that is refreshing and almost sessionable. This search (with experiments and tasting sessions, of course) led to a Belgian white style ale accented mainly with coriander seeds with balancing touches of Niyodogawa-cho sansho, yuzu, and ginger. The name “2410” comes from the play on words. I’ll leave it up to you to figure it out. Please enjoy this refreshing beer as it reminds you of our town.

2410 ベルギーホワイトエール 5% ABV

お茶やさつまいもの他に仁淀川町が生産する美味しい農産物は数々あれど、私のクラフトビールセレクションに加えたいのは、リフレッシングで軽くて飲みやすいベルギーホワイトスタイル。これに合う副原料として選んだものは、コリアンダーシード、仁淀川町産の山椒、柚子そして生姜である。このベルギーホワイトエールを『2410』と命名した。あまり難しく考えずに『に・よ・ど』→『2410』 気軽に乾杯!!