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Belgian White Ale

ABV 5%

This beer features Niyodogawa-cho grown sansho and ginger, which together provide a spicy accent to the fruity backbone of this Belgian style beer. Citrus peel and coriander seeds balance out the flavor profile to produce a refreshing beer which is great while enjoying a nature walk, especially along the Nakatsu River.


Satsumaimo Stout

ABV 5.5%

Rice has historically been difficult to grow in the mountainous terrain of Niyodogawa-cho, so residents grew up on other staples, such as Satsumaimo. Our stout features locally grown satsumaimo, which we broil and mash, creating a rich mouthfeel to our stout. A small dose of chocolate malt adds an interesting balance to the aroma and flavor profile. Enjoy with hearty foods, such as the smoked Amego we serve at BLUE BREW.


Green Tea IPA

ABV 5.5%

We named this beer after highway 439, which is the main road to get around Niyodogawa-cho. Views from this scenic highway are incredible, including the Niyodogawa River, vast cedar and hinoki forests, and well manicured terraced tea fields. We make this beer with an infusion of green tea, which is one of our town's cherished agricultural products. The result is a well balanced, not too bitter, polyphenol-rich IPA that finishes with a refreshing citrus zest. This beer pairs well with most foods (like green tea does with a meal), and it is also delicious just by itself.

Santa Monica

Pale Ale

ABV 6%

This is Ken's table beer as a homebrewer. Originally a light, clear beer at 4.5% ABV this recipe evolved over many years to be more hazy, hoppy, and malty, and finishes almost with the bitterness of an IPA. This beer is named after the place of its origin. When sipping this beer, we hope you think of the beautiful sandy beaches of Santa Monica -- only a few kilometers from where this beer originated.

Machu Picchu

New England India Pale Ale

ABV 6%

Look around Niyodogawa-cho and you'll see homes perched near the top of steep mountains hundreds of meters above the main road. This reminds us of Machu Picchu, the Peruvian World Heritage Site, except out here we still have folks who live up there! We named this beer as a tribute to those residents and their ancestors who figured out how to balance their lives while living at extreme heights. We found the name fitting also because this beer involves some extreme hopping yet it finishes with a delicious balance between bitterness, mouthfeel, aroma, and tropical flavor.

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Limited Releases occasionally on tap

Kamiyashiki IPA

currently unavailable

ABV 7%
This easy to drink American style IPA is another small batch creation characterized by tropical aromas and flavors, medium body, and medium bitterness. Only available at Blue Brew while it lasts. We named this for the hamlet that our brewery is located within Niyodogawa-cho. Kamiyashiki is made up of about a dozen homes, and they are all clumped together on a compact slope just above the river. It’s a beautiful location populated by active, proud, and supportive citizens. We are lucky to be part of Kamiyashiki.

Coconut Coffee Porter

currently unavailable

ABV 5%
As the name implies, this is a dark beer made with an infusion of coffee and coconut flakes. This brew is light bodied, easy drinking, and really fun to drink because of the creamy microbubbles from the nitrogen gas. Enjoy while flower viewing! This was another 16L batch. Sorry, no growler fills for this one.


Double New England IPA
ABV 7.5%
Hiryu has all the characteristics of an American Double New England IPA. It has a soft mouthfeel, balanced bitterness, and fruit-bomb juiciness. The look is super hazy due to the oats, wheat, and especially due to the large infusion of hops. The American and Australian hops combination results in aroma and flavors that are full of fruits -- citrus, peach, and tropical. If you liked Uryu (our first Double NEIPA), then we think you’ll enjoy this one too. If you’ve never enjoyed a Double IPA, we recommend you start with this one. 16L is all we produced. On tap now at Blue Brew!


currently unavailable

German Lager
ABV 5.5%
We collaborated with 2nd Story Aleworks, who produce innovative and delicious beers in Tokushima, and who have been heartfelt supporters from our beginning, to brew our first lager. We used abundant German Vienna and Munich malts to bring out a pronounced malty flavor, and late hopped with German Hallertau Mittelfruh to finish with a gentle, crisp hoppiness. As a lager, the fermentation and aging required double the time of ales, but we think it was well worth the wait.

San Diego

currently unavailable

West Coast IPA
ABV 6.3%
IBU 60

This brew was inspired by the region where some of our favorite West Coast IPAs come from. Abundantly hopped, bitter, dank, and delicious. Brewed on our homebrew system so only 16L produced. Only available on tap at Blue Brew taproom. Sorry, no growler fills for this one.


currently unavailable

Double New England India Pale Ale
ABV 8%
We figured a double IPA would make a good addition to our serving list, so we took our classic recipe from our homebrew days in America and modified it for an infusion of our local green tea. The result is a brew with dominating tropical and citrus aroma and flavor balanced with low bitterness and a juicy mouthfeel. We used our homebrew system to make this, so this is a very limited release with just 16L produced. Only available at Blue Brew Taproom! Sorry, no growler fills for this one.