1. Where can we find your beer?

A: Currently our beers are available at our taproom, BLUE BREW,  at events (very few during these times), Niyodogawa-cho and neighboring district restaurants/bars,  and a few bottle shops. In Kochi prefecture, you can find our bottles at Daikokuya in Ino-cho, and Kida Sakaten in Kochi City. Our bottles are also available through the furusato nozei tax program. Click here for furusato nozei. Also, check out our eshop page for currently available bottles through this website.

2. Do you have bottles?

A: Yes. Check the "BEER" section of our website for currently available bottles.

3.How do your bottle/growler fills work?

A: We accept all clean bottles purposed for carbonated beverages, including glass and PET. Present your clean bottle with cap. We'll put them on our scale and zero the reading. Then fill your bottle, and weigh your capped bottle again to determine the mass of fill. You'll be charged for the mass of beer filled. Note that these beers to go must be consumed within 24 hours.

4. Other than beer, what do you serve at BLUE BREW?
A: For food we have small dishes that go well with our beers including sausages, chips, and homemade chili. For drinks we serve various hot and cold beverages including carbonated drinks using our delicious and refreshing spring water.

5. Do you provide brewery tours?
A: Unfortunately due to health department rules we do not have brewery tours. However, the window inside the taproom allows a clear view into the brewery. While visiting our taproom feel free to ask your questions about making beer. We’ll be happy to answer them.

6. Got any merch?

A: We have glasses, coasters, and stickers. T-shirts and more coming soon.

7. Got any recommendations for an overnight visit?
A: Certainly see Nakatsu Gorge. If you're up for some adventure we highly recommend NiyodoAdventures for canyoning or packrafting. Yunomori has an excellent onsen to help you warm up. In the evening come have some brews with us. For your accommodations we recommend Shimonanosato or Yumenomori campground since they are both walking distance from us.

8. Do you have a Japanese website?

A: We're working on the Japanese section. Hopefully coming soon.

9. Is it possible to serve your beer in our taproom?

A: If you're interested in our kegs, contact us in English or Japanese at mukaibrewinfo@gmail.com.