Great Beer Begins with Great Water

Here at Mukai Craft Brewing we make all of our beers with 100% Niyodogawa-cho mountain spring water. This water originates from the abundant rain and snow that falls on our mountains, which then filters through layers of Earth over time and emerges clear, cold, and kissed with the slightest accent of minerals -- perfect for brewing great beer!

Featuring Our Local Ingredients

We are licensed to make a Japanese category of beer called happoshu, which means for every 95 kg of malt we incorporate 5 kg or more of secondary (non-malt) ingredients, such as spices, fruits, purees, and teas. This rule, which adds a creative challenge to our passion for making delicious beers, has and will continue to allow us to come up with delicious beers that showcase fantastic products available in Niyodogawa-cho.

Craft Beer for Everyone!

Our brewery's origin was in the west coast of USA, where we regularly enjoyed tasting, sharing, and discussing many different styles of craft beers. We've brought this American experience to Niyodogawa-cho by offering a diverse range of delicious beers, from hoppy to malty, dark to light, fruity, spicy, colorful, etc. So whether you are new or experienced to craft beer we've something for you. We look forward to helping you enjoy your craft beer experience at BLUE BREW Taproom!