Niyodogawa-cho's pure mountain spring water

The catchphrase, “Niyodo Blue '' has recently made the Niyodogawa River well known as one of Japan’s clearest rivers. Many of the headwaters of the Niyodogawa River originate in our town, Niyodogawa-cho. In these upper areas the water is super clear, and looks like melted glacier water.

 The diagram below provides a better perspective of how much water we have in Niyodogawa-cho. It is a page from the Official Agawa History book (Agawa is a section of Niyodogawa-cho). It shows the streams that feed into the Niyodogawa River. Mukai Craft Brewing is utilizing water from a spring that forms one of these streams.

Abundant annual rainfall percolates and filters through our mountains to form springs that release this pure water throughout the year. All of this water with our steep mountains means a lot of waterfalls. The waterfall below is called Uryunotaki (Dragon falls)

Next to our brewery is one of the many springs in Niyodogawa-cho. From this spring water emerges cold, very pure (low ion concentration), and soft (pH = 6.3). We channel this water into our brewery, and use it directly (without disinfectants) to make our beers. This special water is one of several crucial factors that go into making our delicious beers.

The Nakatsu River flows in front of Blue Brew, our taproom. The river is calming, provides fun activites (fishing, swimming, birding, etc.), and provides great scenery for enjoying nature. We never get tired of hanging out by the river.