6 bottle variety pack
6 bottle variety pack6 bottle variety pack


セット内容(全て330mLビン)/ Set contents (all 330 mL bottles)

2410 (Belgian White)

17 (Satumaimo stout)

439 (green tea IPA)

Santa Monica (Pale Ale)

Machu Picchu (New England IPA)

Mammoth Lakes (Marzen)


※クール便での発送となります/ Package will be shipped chilled



[ビール詳細 / Beer Details]


Style: Belgian White / ABV: 5% / Bitterness: Low

Description: Niyodogawa-cho grown sansho and ginger are combined with coriander seeds, citrus peel, and Belgian ale yeast for a refreshing, spicy, and fruity beer.


Style: Satsumaimo Stout / ABV: 5.5% / Bitterness: Low

Description:  This dark beer features Niyodogawa-cho grown satsumaimo. The dark malts for this beer add chocolate and caramel notes, which combine well with the satsumaimo to produce a balanced, flavorful, easy to drink stout.


Style: Green Tea IPA / ABV: 5.5% / Bitterness: Medium

Description: This is an easy drinking, not so bitter, west coast style IPA that has a tasty, balanced blend between Niyodogawa-cho grown green tea and American hops.

Santa Monica

Style: Pale Ale / ABV: 6% / Bitterness: Medium-Low

Description: This pale ale has ample hop dosing like an IPA, but doesn’t have the bitterness. Dank and citrus notes from the hops are balanced with a touch of caramel flavor from the malt making this a highly drinkable, refreshing beer.

Machu Picchu

Style: New England IPA / ABV: 6% / Bitterness: Medium-Low

Description: Oats and wheat fermented in our east coast ale yeast results in this hazy beer with rich mouthfeel. Huge hop additions provide notes of tropical, citrus, and stone-fruit.

Mammoth Lakes

Style: Marzen / ABV: 5.5% / Bitterness: Medium

Description: As a lager, this brew takes twice the time to make compared to our ales. But this patient process rewards us with an easy to drink beer with rich malty flavor, a crisp bitterness, and a clean finish.